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  • Create and send amazing emails with voyagermail...

    With easy to use tools you can quickly add your own content, select the campaign recipients, and schedule the delivery.

  • Preview the email as you build it

    Preview the email as you build it

    Our live editor allows you to see your email take shape as you build it. You can add your own text and images to your template and even change the order any items might appear. The moment you add your own content we will automatically save a draft so you can come back and finish it later if you run out of time.

  • Preview the email as you build it

    You choose a template

    We can supply a selection of email templates for you. You might require a template for press or media release and another for a monthly newsletter - it is completely up to you. Once setup you simply select which template you would like to use and add your content accordingly.

  • Preview the email as you build it

    Complete sender control

    You can use your own 'from name' and email address, so the email received always looks like it comes from you. In addition you can also select your own subject heading and which email address any replies should be forwarded to. We take all the messy work out of the equation by processing any bounces and unsubscribes automatically.

  • Preview the email as you build it

    Send now or schedule for later

    Once you are happy with the email, you can send yourself a test version to review your handiwork, then send it out to your recipients immediately or schedule it for delivery at another time. This way you can build your campaigns in advance and schedule them for delivery tomorrow, next month or any time in between.

  • Preview the email as you build it

    Only pay when you send a campaign

    Our unique pricing model means that you never pay any monthly or hidden fees and you only pay when you're actually sending a campaign. Testing a campaign is of course FREE!

  • Subscriber managment

    Managing your own subscriber base is no longer complicated. Adding and removing recipients takes seconds and you don not have to worry about bounces and unsubscribe requests as we handle all that for you automatically!

  • Preview the email as you build it

    List management made easy

    We have designed our interface to help you get the most common things done fast. Adding a new subscriber, removing an old one and viewing new subscribers are all just a click away.


  • Preview the email as you build it

    Simple import and export

    Our importing tool walks you through the process of importing an existing list from almost any source. We automatically remove duplicates for you and even remember who unsubscribed and bounced - removing any risk of annoying your subscribers with potential unwanted messages.

  • Preview the email as you build it

    Subscribe and Unsubscribe forms

    A great way to capture new subscribers is through a subscribe form on your website. With voyagermail, this is as easy as copying and pasting some code. You can even customize any landing pages so the entire subscribe process stays on your site. Get in touch if we can help you with this ok!

  • Useful, elegant reports

    Our simple reports make it easy for you to check out the stats that matter. See who opened your email, who clicked a link and much more. Your reports are updated in real time.

  • Preview the email as you build it

    Simple campaign snapshot

    All the important details like how many recipients opened, how many clicked a link and how many unsubscribed are all viewable from our simple "campaign snapshot". We've designed our reports so even if you're new to email marketing you can evaluate the results of your campaigns easily.

  • Preview the email as you build it

    Who are my most interested subscribers?

    Our "opens over time" report makes it so easy to see who opened your email and when. You can even check out how many times each recipient opened it to find out who your most interested subscribers are. You can also drill down to a minute by minute account of who checked out your email.

  • Preview the email as you build it

    Who clicked a link?

    Our "link activity" report makes it easy to see which links in your email were most popular, as well as which recipients clicked them. This makes it so easy for you to identify what your recipients are interested in, and it gives you the opportunity to follow up on more qualified leads.

  • Preview the email as you build it

    Right down to the nitty gritty

    Our "recipient activity" report lets you analyse some serious detail on your campaign. Easily see who opened, who clicked, who bounced, and who unsubscribed. You can even search for a specific subscriber to see exactly what they did with your email.

  • Getting your emails delivered

    There is nothing more frustrating than sending off that perfect campaign and then ending up in your recipient's spam folder. Behind the scenes we go to great lengths to ensure that you can rely on us to get your emails delivered.

    Our servers have been whitelisted

    All of our delivery servers have been 'whitelisted' by many of the larger ISP's, including AOL and Yahoo! Our servers are also integrated into the spam reporting systems for other large ISP's such as Hotmail and MSN. This means they're a trusted source for email origination and these arrangements ensure the best chance of your emails being delivered, it also allow us to keep any sender not following best practice guidelines off our servers.

    Daily 'blacklist' monitoring

    Deep behind the scenes we monitor hundreds of the most common blacklists each and every day. If a server is ever listed (and it can happen to even the most well behaved permission-based email servers), we remove it from our delivery cluster immediately and resolve the issue on behalf of our customers.

    Unsubscribe links in every email

    Every email sent must contain a single-click unsubscribe link allowing any subscribers to remove themselves quickly and easily. Not only is this common courtesy but a requirement under UK law since 2003.